Appalachian Trail Thru Hike - Jersey Joe Alaya 2002
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Ready to go

Clean Shaven before I left

Adjusting my pack

Going over the checklist

Here is everything I need

That's a lot of baggies

Pack in the trunk

I fattened up for the trip

Leaving home base

Mr. Pack

Arrival at Amacola Falls State Park

AT Plaque

Mileage Guide

Start of the Journey

Trail Portal

Change of mind?

Step 2 of 5,000,000

Out of sight

On top of Springer at the start of AT

Springer AT Plaque

Wicked, Crumbsnatcher, Scott and I at the beginning of trail

First Blaze on a tree

First Blaze on a rock

First Blaze with Plaque

First Shelter I stayed at, Stover Creek Shelter

Gooch Gap Shelter, Second Night

Blood Mountain Shelter with Falcon A

Frisbe guy in Blood Mt. Shelter

Dinner on third night in Tray Mountain Shelter

Hanging pack in Tray Mt. Shelter

Joe sitting in Tray Mt. Shelter

Dinner time!

Day 6, Plum Orchard Shelter

Joe chillin at Plum Orchard Shelter

NC/GA state line

Taking a break with Pete

Crossing river on a log

Break Time


View at base of fire tower

Rhododendrum tunnel

Kit and AJ at cabins at NOC

Kit and I drying clothes

Becky at cabin

Pack on top of mountain

Pack on top of mountain 2

Trail skirts around river


Joe in front of Overmountain Shelter

Front of Overmountain shelter

View from Overmountain shelter

Overmountain shelter which is actually an old barn

Carvers Gap Roan Mountain road sign

Carvers Gap just north of Roan Mountain, NC/Tennessee border

My watch in front of a great view

Hanging out on Uncle Johny's porch in Erwin, NC

Self picture near Big Butt Mtn.

Big Butt mountain trail sign

Tenting at Hot Springs campground

Monument seen when entering Hot Springs, reached after 26+ mile day

Trail down Max Patch, three hikers in distance

Self picture on Max Patch, surrounding mountains

Self picture on Max Patch, blue sky

A look at the trail heading down Max Patch

Joe's pack sits atop Max Patch

Joe is all smiles at the shelter despite the rain

Cold rainy day at the shelter

Boston Joe in shelter

Max Patch trail sign


Silhouette of Ice Spring Shelter at sunrise

Sunrise at Ice Spring Shelter

Joe on top of the Clingman's Dome tower, it was a cold windy day

Ranger and Skate on top of the Clingman's Dome tower

Joe stays warm in shelter

Fontana Dam Hilton

View of Smokies from Fonatana Dam Hilton

Welcome to Damascus!

Self picture in "The Place" in Damascus

Spread out in "The Place"

Yet another self picture

Cozy little corner in The Place

Watch in front of Mt. Rogers trail sign

Trail sign on tree

Rhododendrom Gap trail sign

Going to get water on top of Mt. Rogers

Wild pony in the distance atop Mt. Rogers

Wild ponies grazing on the trail in the Grayson Highlands

So many wild ponies

Mama and her baby pony

Snake in the grass

Beautiful Grayson Highlands

Despite rainbow, a storm is a brewin, watch out for lightning!

Stopping for a picture on the trail

In for the night at Jerry Cabin shelter

Vista overlooking Pearisburg

Mountain Goat stares me down on the trail

I think i'll walk AROUND the goat with the big horns

Hanging out in front of Pine Swamp Branch Shelter the night after leaving Pearisburg

Mountain ridges, Different tree types on opposite sides of ridges

Mountain ridges, Different tree types on opposite sides of ridges 2

Audie Murphy Monument, WWII hero/movie star

McCaffery's Knob

McCaffery's Knob 2

Pretty butterfly

Look at that deer

Brand new footbridge crossing James river

Iceman in front of John's Hollow shelter

Sprawled out in a hotel room in Waynesboro

Hotel mate "Pnut" in Waynesboro

Hotel mate "Iceman" in Waynesboro

Hotel mate "Bohemian" in Waynesboro

Chaser, Linus, Iceman, NightFrog, Pnut, Stonewall, Rambunny and others outside a cabin in Lewis Mtn. Campground

Me and the others outside a cabin in Lewis Mtn. Campground in Shenandoah Park

Iceman in front of Gravel Springs Hut

Sign showing the enterance to the "Roller Coaster"

Linus in Blackburn Trail Shelter

Great accomodations at the Blackburn Trail Shelter

ATC headquarters in Harpers Ferry

Jefferson Rock Sign

Jefferson Rock

View from Washington monument

Washington monument

Jersey Joe, Iceman and Chaser grab a snack

Sion and Pack Horse chill at PA park

Halfway point in trail

Joe, Sion and Packhorse take on the half gallon challenge

Joe finishes a half gallon of cookies and cream, Sion struggles to finish

Crossing farm field in PA

Flood water buries rock bridge

Cool Shelter in PA

Boo boo enjoys rare overlook in PA

Joe at PA overlook

Hawks fly past moon

Lots of hawks

Rocks in PA

Overlooking the Lehigh river

Lehigh Valley, PA

5 mile devistation from Zinc mining

Black Racer Snake

Joe can't figure out what happened to his stomach

Jonathan, Kate and Mat Greet Joe As He makes it Home

Brian and Stacey Visit Joe

Brian Visits Joe at Home

Brian Thinks Joe Smells

Cristina and Andy join me for a 27 mile day starting at the Deleware Water Gap, NJ

Cristina and Andy rest at Sunfish Pond, NJ

Cristina and Joe at Sunfish Pond

Joe and Andy at Sunfish Pond

Joe and Cristina enjoy a view in the New Jersey Highlands

Andy and Cristina rest near a water pump

Siblings join me for a picnic at High Point State Park in NJ

Cristina Hugs Joe, Andy Kicks Joe, Mathew just makes a weird face

Mat, Joe, Andy and Crock at Nana's House

Mat, Joe, Cristina Andy and Crock at Nana's House

Joe with his Grandmother closeup

Joe with his Grandmother

Joe with his Grandfather

Joe with his Grandfather closeup

Ana, Joe, Andy and Mathew at Nanas

Joe, Mat, Andy and Crock sitting at table

Ana, Cristina, Mathew, Joe and Andy hold up Crock

Sir Issiac and his dog amongst some pretty flowers

Joe Stands on a rock structure in Connecticut

Sir Issiac and his dog take a break

Joe on a peak

Bromley Mountain Ski lift

A look down the ski slope on Bromley Mountain

Crazy Rocks on trail

Foggy eerie trail

Falls on Mahoosic Mountain

Cool Mountain Pic

Lonesome Lake in the Whites

Mountain View

Mt. Washington in background with flowers in foreground

Webster Cliff Trail

Webster Cliff Trail, only 12.5 miles from Mt. Washington>

View of Mt. Washington

Self taken Picture in Whites

Grouse on trail

Mt. Washington very close!!!

Mt. Washington getting closer!!!

Joe Summits Mt. Washington

Cog Rail going down Mt. Washington

Snow Field just north of Washington

Welcome to Maine sign

Nana in hotel in Caratunk

Mat in hotel in Caratunk

Joe in hotel in Caratunk

Mat makes fun of Joe holding poles

Joe and Mat set off from Caratunk

Mat by river

Mat crosses river

Mat and Joe in lean-to

Mat at pie lady's house in Monson Maine

Sign upon entering 100 mile wilderness

Katahdin In The Distance

Lake In Maine

Moose Across River

Spider Web While Night Hiking In Maine

Moose in Bog

Closeup On Moose

Joe Arrives at Katahdin Stream Campground

The gang gathers at a picnic table

Joe signs the trail register in the ranger station

Crock, Mathew and Ana relax At Katadin Stream Campground

The Gang at Katahdin Stream Campground

Andy At Katahdin Falls

Andy In River Near Katahdin Falls

Mike, Ana, Cristina, Mathew, Crock, Carmen And Joe On Brige Near Katahdin Falls

Another Bridge Picture

Yet Another Bridge Picture

Crock Over Looks Katahdin Falls

Joe and Mathew arm in arm heading up Mt. Katahdin

Crock, Mat, Joe and Andy head up Katahdin

Joe leads the line up Katahdin

Jersey Joe Gazes At The Summit, Or Perhaps Looks To The Heavens

Joe, Ana, Cristina and Mike Encounter Some Rough Weather On A Ridge

Is this the top? Not Yet!

Cristina, Mike and Joe reach the Plateau on Katahdin

Joe Reaches Summit and Raises Arms in Triumph

Ana, Andy, Joe, Cristina at sign atop Katahdin

Ana, Andy, Joe, Cristina at sign atop Katahdin 2

Ana, Andy, Joe with arms raised, Cristina at sign atop Katahdin

Joe at sign

Joe Collapses on sign


Joe Collapses on Sign atop Katahdin

Heading down ridge

No, not a rain forest, heading down Katahdin

Joe Two days after returning home...beardless

Closeup of Joe two days after finishing trip

Joe and his brother Andrew begin the assent of Katahdin one year later

Halfway up, Joe perches himself on a boulder and enjoys the view

Joe finds the weather on his second trip up Katahdin much better than the first time

Joe on top of Katahdin one year to the day after finishing his thru hike

Joe on top of Mt. Washington, this time WITHOUT the beard

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