Appalachian Trail Thru Hike - Jersey Joe Alaya 2002
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"it's a dangerous buisness, stepping outside your door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's know telling where you might be swept off to..." - The Lord of the Rings


My little bro Mathew hiked a whopping 55.3 miles with me on the AT!

My brother Andrew hiked 32.2 miles of the trail with me!

My little sister hiked 31.2 miles of my hike with me!

This crazy rock star hiked 3.5 miles of the Appalachian Trail with me!

My Aunt Carmen Hiked 1 mile of the trail with me from Katahdin stream campground to Kahtadin Falls.

"We can't all be heroes because somebody has to sit on the curb and clap as they go by." - Will Rogers

These guys hiked exactly ZERO miles with me on the AT!

Brian Fanning Mark Denbleyker

But they did meet me in NJ and took me to dinner one night.


Crumbsnatcher(dog Bear) - Springer Mountain, Stovercreek Shelter
Wicked (dog Flash) - Springer Mountain, Stovercreek Shelter
Will - Stovercreek Shelter
Scott - Stovercreek Shelter
Falcon - Blood Mountain Shelter
Huck - Blood Mountain Shelter
Claire - Blood Mountain Shelter
Film - Blood Mountain Shelter
Pete - Plum Orchard Shelter, I hiked with pete for 3 days
Kit - Shared a cabin with him at the NOC, Hiked with for 3 days
Becky - Shared a cabin with her at the NOC, Hiked with for 3 days
AJ - Shared a cabin with her at the NOC, Hiked with for 3 days
Cooperstown Kid - Ate breakfast with him at the NOC
Skate - Stayed with at Sassafrass Gap Shelter and last saw just after Erwin.
Rachel - Sassafrass Gap Shelter
Boston Joe - Hiked over 26 miles into Hot Springs with him.
Will - Hiked over 26 miles into Hot Springs with him.
Dan - Hiked over 26 miles into Hot Springs with him.
2 Scoops - Stayed at Hogback shelter with him.
Jennica and Lauren - I met these two young lady thru hikers in Erwin. They were doing their hike to raise money for Habitat for humanity. I ate pizza with them at Pizza Plus.
Woodman - Stayed with him at Overmountain Shelter.
Moses - Met at Overmountain Shelter and saw until just after Erwin with Moses.
El Mindless Mariachi - Met at "The Place" in Damascus.
Mainframe - Stayed at Davis Path Shelter with him.
E-Z Hiker - Stayed at Chestnut Knob Shelter with him and then hiked with for two days.
Cupid & Arrow - A young couple that I stayed with at Chestnut Knob shelter and then hiked with for two days.
Million Miler - Hiked into Pearisburg with him.
Iceman - First met at Bobblets gap shelter.
PNut - First met at Bobblets gap shelter.
Bohemmian - Met just before Waynesboro.
Trailblaze - Met in Waynesboro.
Diesel - Met in Waynesboro.
Leaf - Met in SNP.
Linus - Met in SNP.
Chaser - Met in SNP.
RamBunny - Met in SNP.
Nightfrog - Met in SNP.
Stonewall - Met in SNP.
Jen - Stayed at Ed Garvey Shelter with her.
Sion Stone - Met at Quary Gap Shelter. Did Half Gallon Challenge with him. Hiked to Duncannon with him.
Packhorse - Met at halfway point in PA. Did Half Gallon Challenge with him.
Pancake - Older fella that was section hiking. I stayed in the 501 Shelter with him.
Boo Boo - Met him just before Port Clinton.
Sir Isaac - Met in New Jersey and hiked several days with him.
RedFrog - Met at RPH Shelter.
Tuna - Met at RPH Shelter.
Mother Goose - Met at Kaywood lean to.
Isaac - Met doing the long trail in Vermont.
Tiger Paw - Met at Minerva Hinchey Shelter.
Lone Wolf - Met at Velvet Rocks Shelter just north of Hanover.
Turbo (dog Bruno) - Met in Monsoon.
Sassafrass - Met in Monsoon.
522 - Passed on the trail in Maine while she was slackpacking south.

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